Operation of a Segway

Funcionamiento Segway - NatureWay

The segway is a curious concept, when we see it, it looks like any electric scooter with which at any moment we could be injured. Actually, it is not so, since it is not a simple scooter with two large wheels.


Designed from head to toe

The basic Segway PT model (Segway Personal Transporter) has a self-balancing system due to a technology called dynamic stabilization. Dynamic Stabilization works in a way that is very similar to our own sense of balance. While we have an inner ear, eyes, muscles and a brain to keep us in balance, the Segway PT has solid gyroscopes, tilt sensors, high-speed microprocessors and high-powered electric motors that work to keep it balanced. Working together, these widely tested systems perceive their center of gravity, instantly evaluate information, and make adjustments a hundred times per second. Segway PT balances whether we are traveling at 20 km/h (maximum speed), carrying a heavy load, doing slow maneuvers in narrow spaces or standing perfectly still.

Lean forward, go forward

The Segway PT intuitively balances in the same way humans do – moving forward and backward, responding to changes in your body posture. There is no accelerator or brakes. Lean forward and move forward. Go straight and stand. Lean back and move backwards. To turn, you have to rotate the directional control in any direction. The operation is natural, intuitive and one of the main reasons why the Segway PT effortlessly integrates different situations, environments with pedestrians and everyday life.

The science behind technology

When Dean Kamen unveiled the Segway Personal Transporter on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” he described the machine as “the world’s first human transporter with its own balance.” When we look at the moving machine, we get an idea of ??what is being said. Unlike a car, the Segway only has two wheels – it looks like a wheelbarrow – however, it manages to stay upright by itself.
The Segway is agile and if we prefer (increasing, as always, its price, adding more powerful engines and wheels with more traction), it can work in a wide variety of terrains. Downhill, on grass, uphill and mud are not an obstacle to your ability to go wherever you want. Just like a person walking, all that a Segway PT needs is traction to operate in virtually any environment. Its batteries, electronic parts, motors and all other components are sealed and protected for climatic changes. The Segway PT has been extensively tested to withstand vibrations, temperature changes and exposure to moisture.


The way this is explained is all idyllic and there will be someone who imagines in a future cities will be built around the needs of these vehicles (as the former CEO of Apple (Steve Jobs) said).
When it was launched, millionaire sales were expected but, like all things, they have problems and one of them is its danger (no matter how safe they try to tell us what it is). This vehicle is kept in balance thanks to the gyroscope that keeps the vehicle in balance while it operates the brakes, but all this works with an electric battery, and once this is over, the balance of the Segway disappears. Of course, in these cases we are at the mercy of what your religion dictates and we can even die as it happened in early 2010 to the British millionaire Jimi Heselden nine months after buying the company.
This along with the high price of 5,795 + VAT makes this vehicle a luxury not accessible to most mortals so their sales have not been as millionaire as it was thought.

If we focus on our subject …

The operation is very simple:
A computer located at the base receives the information from the oscilloscope. The computer operates (electric motors with the possibility of moving the wheels in both directions) and stops or brakes (by means of electric brakes as well) the wheels.