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Seville is a treasure, that is for sure. Nowadays, as in the past, many are the brave pirates that search what’s behind its towers and beacons to grab hold of that treasure… and nowadays, as in the past, that quest is not exent from risks, dangers, braveries and strategies.
In the middle of this scenery is where you can find NatureWay. The time has come to combine forces and offer a lively, powerful and different destination that satisfies the expectations of leisure of our visitors. And of course, that generates the necessary value of an area that is already rich because of its natural and cultural resources. The time has come to unveil the treasure… and let it shine!

Our philosophy: for us, what matters is you!

We are a team of young enterpreneurs eager to work and committed to every single one of the events we organise.
We love our job as we feel passionate about our environment, and we want YOU to feel that passion when you choose NatureWay to get to know Seville on a segway.
We are not just going to show you landmarks you can’t miss, but also tell you their story. That is why we work to show you fun anecdotes about the places we visit, because, for us, what matters is YOU.

Where We Come From

In 2010, a group of friends with experience in the tourism sector created a Spanish entreprise that organised routes on segway. That is how NatureWay is born, as a business for tours around the natural area of El Rompido.
Seen the good response of our offer, we decided to give it a try in Seville and consequently, a new office is created in the Andalusian capital in just two years, attaining a great acceptance by the public.
In NatureWay you will find a highly qualified staff. All of our professionals are official guides whose sole function is to make your holidays something unforgettable.

Where We Are Heading To

We have a restless and innovative personality and we can’t help it! So every day we keep on working to obtain new solutions and make our business and our sector thrive.
As a consequence of our experience and our job we have a clear idea that the future of our entreprise is conceived as a collaborative model that should exploit the potention of each one of us and inspire us to offer services at a global level, without losing the closeness that we have with our clients, something part of our identity.
Surely we won’t stop and our project will become global and even more reachable to people.


The Team

Segway i2


The i2 allows you to tour around the city in a comfortable, safe, fast and fun way.


The maxium speed is 20 km/h and it has an autonomy of 45 km with just one charge.


It can transport users from 45 to 110 kg.


Its electrical and balance systems are completely complementary. It stands on its wheels and stops safely.



Estive em Sevilla em Janeiro e conheci a Ana que me ensinou a andar de Segway. Foi uma experiência incrível!!! Ela é uma professora paciente, divertida e com muita disposição.
Marcou minha viagem e toda vez que eu for alguma cidade que tenha, vou fazer questão de andar de Segway. Obrigada Ana!! Muchas Gracias!
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Samara Brasil - NatureWay
Samara Brasil

Siempre me había parecido un buen invento el Segway y cada vez que lo había visto tenía envidia de quien lo conducía. Ayer fue una experiencia inolvidable, subirme y poderlo conducir por un precioso paraje y llevando de guía a Teresa, gran experta y conocedora del Parque Natural.
Aprendí mucho y sobre todo, el placer de llevar un Segway.
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Juan Antonio Redondo - NatureWay
Joaquín Fernández Repeto

Es una experiencia inolvidable. Visita los rincones más preciosos del paraje natural además de un buen trabajo realizado por sus guías, de los cuales se percibe una excepcional formación de la naturaleza y tradiciones del lugar. Sois muy amables.
Felicitaros por el buen trato y la amabilidad.
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Estanislaa1 Medina Lusich - NatureWay
Estanislaa Medina Lusich

Altamente recomendado!
Óptimo para um passeio em família com jovens ou crianças, com amigos ou a 2!
Muito seguro – procurem pela Daniela! Muito prestável, ela dar-vos-a uma fantástica perspectiva dos lugares mais bonitos de Sevilha!
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PedrokasPT - NatureWay

The owner, Ana, was very helpful and responsive when booking.
We enjoyed our tour by Lola; the route was predetermined but excellent.
My son became ill during the route and Lola was extremely helpful and kind. It was one of the most fun things we have done in Seville! I highly recommend the company.
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teachKTV - NatureWay

City tour in Segway is always fantastic but with Ana, was been supreme!
City tour paid 35 euro is the best
because you can see all historic center and much more.
She suggests us more informations about the city and suggestions about restaurants.
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Alessandro - NatureWay
Alessandro S


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Giralda - NatureWay

7 fun facts of the Giralda

Since we have use of reason we enjoy the past history of our city. From now on, every time you raise your head to admire its greatness, you will think about these 7 fun facts: 1. The Giralda is over 104 meters high. It was for several centuries the tallest tower not only in Spain, […]

Plaza de España - NatureWay

Plaza de España. Seville

There is no human person on the face of the earth who has not been moved when contemplating Plaza de España for the first time. It is one of the most spectacular places in Seville due to its majesty. Since 1929, when it was built for the Ibero-American Exposition, it has welcomed thousands of tourists […]

Funcionamiento Segway - NatureWay

Operation of a Segway

The segway is a curious concept, when we see it, it looks like any electric scooter with which at any moment we could be injured. Actually, it is not so, since it is not a simple scooter with two large wheels. Functioning: Designed from head to toe The basic Segway PT model (Segway Personal Transporter) […]

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